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North Devon Landscaping

Importance of hiring the services of a

professional landscaping company

As a professional landscaping company in North Devon we know how to maintain gardens and lawns to a excellent standard and condition. While you may feel you can do it all by yourself, an expert always has the edge. Yes, you heard it right. A specialist landscaping company offers the following benefits that outweigh the cost factor:

Saves time

How much time can you spare for your garden? Remember your outdoor space requires care all the time because it is the first thing your visitors see when they enter your premises; it directly impacts the look of your property. Hiring a professional landscaping company in North Devon gives you free time to enjoy with your family and friends.

Consistent care

North Devon's weather is always surprising. To maintain your plants and grass all through the year, consistent care is required which is promised by an expert landscaping company.


Landscaping Professionals are creative, qualified, trained and experienced. They can detect unhealthy plants and treat them, know when to plant new ones and everything about garden spaces and fertilizers.

Range of services

An expert landscaping company also offers grounds maintenance, tree care services and garden designs.

We, Evergreen are a landscaping company in North Devon reputed for creating out of the ordinary lawns and gardens.

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